You need to be full of spirit when you are behind the drum-set.

Soultain is a drummer, songwriter and poet from Budapest, Hungary. He considers himself to be a one-man alternative rock band. Soultain writes all of the lyrics, plays all of the instruments, does all of the recordings, mixing and mastering of his songs. This multi-talented drummer sits down with Albert "Al" Wade to talk about his influences growing up, how he keeps his drumming skills sharp and more.

How long have you been a drummer?

l have been playing drums since 1987. I have also been writing poems, lyrics and songs since that time as well. As a drummer, I played classic jazz, punk-rock, blues, rock and roll. I played in a heavy metal band and later played drums in electronic music. My all-over love is alternative rock drumming.

Who were some of your musician influences growing up?

Well, my influences come from a really diverse group of sources: Catholic Church music, Nena, the german pop-rock band, Depeche Mode, Scorpions, Guns and Roses (very much), authentic hungarian folk music, and its' rock version mixed with balkan music: Barbaro, Al Jarreau, Britney Spears (yes!) and some hungarian classic rock bands, as Hobo Blues Band, Feco Balazs, and Koral band from the 80's.

“You need to be full of spirit when you are behind the drum-set.”

What was the first concert you ever attended?

I was 4 when I saw the Newton Family band concert on the top of the roof during kindergarten. I also need to mention the 1992 Guns and Roses concert in Budapest. It was great.

How do you keep your drumming skills sharp? What do you study?

I have been drumming for 37 years. I study myself and reflect on those things. I watch inspirational videos from Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett or Gergo Borlai - they have special spirits. Drumming is only partially technical, for instance consider something like paradiddles and so on. You need to be full of spirit when you are behind the drumset. If you don't put your heart into it, then it's worth nothing.

I'm currently focusing on recording my owns songs so grabbing more instruments such as keys, bass, guitars or singing can help you think differently when you are working on songs. This thought process helps me a lot in drumming. Sometimes I just grab the drumsticks and close my eyes to feel them. Or when I'm using a practice pad , I feel the rebound of the stick when it hits the surface. I choose a poem, reciting it in my mind and then I play it on the drums. Sounds crazy but it works. I focus on the contrast; like playing hard and playing extremely soft.

If you could be the drummer for any artist, who would it be and why?

It would be for Guns and Roses with Slash because they are a unique band. I feel close to them and they give me wings when I listen to them. Similarly, I would also like to be a drummer for Depeche Mode. It would be mad behind the drumset when I am playing their songs. Both bands have a lot of musical energy and strains in their songs which gives me inspiration for playing the drums.

July 1, 2023

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