Our musical universe is soothing, dark and playful at the same time.

The best friend singing duo Aujua & Avery have consistently presented music that pushes the soulful Jazz boundaries. With smoky voices trained in blues and jazz classics, they combine a vintage style with a tranquil soothing flair to produce a thrilling hypnotic effect. Adding Directors of Photography (DP) to their already impressive resume has MITL MAG reaching out to them for a discussion on their most popular music video “Tears of Romance.” We also find out more about the inspiration behind their work and their future plans.

You have many tracks. Which one best represents your sound?

Avery: If I had to pick, I'd say "Floating Free" because this song truly embodies both Aujua and I musically. We aren't really attached to one thing or another. We're pretty open to everything. We actually did a little production work on this song as well.

Aujua: I was actually gonna choose that one as well. That song is so us.

What’s the meaning behind your most popular YouTube video, Tears of Romance? Was it inspired by a previous relationship?

Aujua: This was actually the first time that we got too DP. Since this is our most popular video, I think it's largely due to the fact that we were the cinematographers. We were in complete and total control and it felt good. Now, regarding the concept of the majority of the video, Avery, you do you wanna talk more about that?

Avery: Sure. Well it's a song about my prior relationship. In the video, we wanted to show how even though a relationship can be romantic, it sucks when it's over. You know....when it comes to an end over something so silly like scheduling conflicts or whatever. It's sad. The same thing that use to be romantic now makes you shed tears.

“Our musical universe is soothing, dark and playful at the same time.”

Your voices have a healing and tranquil quality. I must confess the song Passion Moon hypnotized me for about an hour. I had it on loop and it was wonderful music meditation.What songs do you listen to when you’re in the mood to relax and meditate?

Avery: Wow! That warms my heart. Thank you.

Aujua: We totally appreciate the fact that you enjoy our music. It's a touching compliment. Thank you so much.

Aujua: It's nice having Avery as a roommate and best friend because we think the same on many things. Our home is our musical universe and our music playlist reflects that.

Avery: Yes, definitely. Our musical universe is soothing, dark and playful at the same time. We listen to a combination of different lo-fi mixes and artists like Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, Adele and other artists.

I watched one of your behind-the-scenes videos where you stated that you’re influenced by Etta James, Adele, Sam Smith and Sarah Vaughn and more. What specific characteristics about these artists impact your work?

Aujua: I think that the common thread amongst these artists is that they sing with soul. When we hear their music, you really feel them in every note of the song.

Avery: Yeah, you hear their passion, their pain, their love, their joy. They really resonate with us.

What are your plans for the future?

Avery: Right now we're working on setting up some online performances for our listeners. That's in our immediate future.

Aujua: We wanted to do something intimate for our most loyal listeners. This is our way of saying "thank you for the love and support." We have a special surprise for them as well, so we're looking forward to this performance for sure.

December 23, 2022

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