Without proper exposure and promotional efforts, your music may struggle to reach the right places and gain the recognition it deserves.

In the dynamic realm of The Gambia's music scene, Ousman Sissaho, widely recognized as ADP, has emerged as a true powerhouse. For over five impactful years, ADP has seamlessly navigated the roles of rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, igniting a wave of innovation. His debut masterpiece, "KEYZ," has recently graced the airwaves, sparking a resounding applause from enthusiasts. Beyond this, a string of compelling singles, complemented by captivating visuals, has further solidified ADP's influence. Collaborative ventures with industry stalwarts have added a distinct shine to his journey, while unwavering passion continues to fuel his artistic voyage. Prepare to immerse yourself in this captivating interview with the multi-talented and dynamic musician and producer, ADP.

Did you always dream about becoming a musician? How did it all happen?

No, I didn't always dream about becoming a musician. While music was always a passion of mine, I never envisioned pursuing it as a career. During my high school days, I actually had plans to study law in college. However, everything changed when I attended a court case involving a family member and witnessed the corruption within the system. It was a wake-up call for me, and I realized that I didn't want to be a part of that environment.Around the same time, I had been recording a few demo songs, and the response I received was overwhelmingly positive. It was in that moment that I realized I had the potential to succeed as an artist. The encouragement and support from those who heard my music gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the music industry.

So, it wasn't a lifelong dream, but rather a realization that occurred during a pivotal moment in my life. The combination of my passion for music and the positive reception to my early recordings propelled me to take the path of an artist, and I haven't looked back since.

What's the most challenging part of being a musician? and why?

In my experience, the most challenging part of being a musician is the task of getting your music out there and reaching a wide audience, particularly as an independent artist. While it may be relatively easier to write, record, and engineer a song, the real hurdle comes in effectively marketing and promoting your work. Without proper exposure and promotional efforts, your music may struggle to reach the right places and gain the recognition it deserves.This is an area where many independent artists face difficulties, as they often lack the resources and budget that major labels possess. It can be tough to compete with the massive promotional campaigns and financial backing that labels can provide to their artists.

As an independent artist, you have the advantage of creative freedom and ownership of your work, but it also means taking on the responsibility of handling the business and marketing aspects yourself. Promoting your music requires strategic planning, networking, and effective utilization of various platforms and channels. It involves building a fan base, connecting with industry professionals, booking gigs, and utilizing social media and online platforms to gain visibility. These tasks can be time-consuming and require a significant investment of effort and resources.

Overall, the most challenging part of being a musician, especially as an independent artist, lies in effectively promoting and marketing your music to ensure it reaches a wider audience. It demands a combination of talent, perseverance, strategic planning, and resourcefulness to overcome the obstacles and gain the recognition and success you aspire to achieve.

“Without proper exposure and promotional efforts, your music may struggle to reach the right places and gain the recognition it deserves.”

What musician would you like to collaborate with next?

As an artist with a passion for collaboration, I have a desire to work with musicians from various regions and backgrounds. In line with my goal of expanding my network and connecting with artists in different parts of Africa, I would love to collaborate with talented musicians from The Gambia, Senegal, and other African countries. I believe that by collaborating with artists from these regions, I can explore diverse musical styles, cultural influences, and create unique fusions that resonate with audiences globally.

While my immediate focus is on connecting with artists in Africa, I also aspire to collaborate with musicians from America and Europe in the future. The opportunity to work with artists from these regions would provide a platform to blend different musical sensibilities and potentially reach a wider international audience.Ultimately, my collaboration choices are driven by a desire to explore new creative horizons, connect with diverse talents, and create music that transcends geographical boundaries. By collaborating with artists from different parts of the world, I believe we can bring together unique perspectives and create something truly special that resonates with listeners globally.

What's next for you?

Next for me is the exciting journey of working on my first album. I am fully immersed in the creative process, channeling my experiences, emotions, and musical influences into this upcoming project. Every song on the album is a reflection of my artistic growth and represents a significant milestone in my musical career.Alongside the album, I am also planning an immersive marketing and promotional campaign to ensure that the music reaches a wide audience. I recognize the importance of connecting with fans and engaging with them through various platforms and live performances. I want to create an experience that goes beyond just listening to the music, and truly connects with my supporters on a deeper level.

Simultaneously, I am actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with talented artists in The Gambia, Senegal, and other parts of Africa. The goal is to create meaningful musical connections, explore different genres and styles, and produce collaborations that showcase the diversity and richness of African music.Looking further into the future, I aspire to expand my reach beyond Africa and connect with artists in America and Europe. Building international collaborations would open doors to new audiences and provide exciting opportunities for cross-cultural musical exploration.

Best memory you have performing as a musician?

One of the most cherished memories I have as a musician was the listening party for my project, "Keyz." It was an incredibly special and memorable experience. The turnout for the event was fantastic, and the energy in the room was electric, surpassing all expectations.As I took the stage and shared my music with the audience, I could feel the genuine excitement and support from the crowd. Witnessing their positive reactions, seeing them connect with the songs, and feeling their energy resonate with mine was an indescribable feeling. It was a true validation of my hard work, dedication, and the impact my music had on people.

The atmosphere was filled with joy, enthusiasm, and a shared love for music. The crowd's energy was contagious, and it fueled my performance, creating an incredible synergy between us. It was an unforgettable moment that reminded me why I chose to pursue music and the power it holds to bring people together.The listening party for "Keyz" stands out as a significant highlight in my performing career, as it represented the culmination of my efforts and the connection I had formed with my audience. It will forever be etched in my memory as a testament to the incredible journey I've embarked on as a musician.

August 19, 2023

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